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Improving the quality of life for both our real estate investors and tenants is at the core of our vision.

About Us

About Pinnacle Property Management

Established in 2018, Pinnacle Property Management LLC specializes in the management of diverse residential properties, ranging from expansive apartment complexes to cozy single-family homes and duplexes. We offer a comprehensive range of housing solutions tailored to meet the needs of both tenants and property owners.

At Pinnacle Property Management LLC, our mission is clear: to provide unparalleled quality in housing while maximizing profitability for property owners. We understand the significance of finding the perfect home, and we are dedicated to ensuring that our tenants experience comfort, convenience, and satisfaction in every aspect of their rental experience.

Located in the heart of Yakima County, we take great pride in managing some of the finest rental properties in the region. Our team of experienced professionals is committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence, integrity, and transparency in all our endeavors. Whether you're searching for your dream home or seeking expert property management services, you can trust Pinnacle Property Management LLC to deliver exceptional results every step of the way.


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Easily manage your rent payments online from any location with secure transactions. Opt for automated payments to ensure timely payments every month.



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Pinnacle Property Management


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Utilize our mobile-friendly Online Portal to easily make and receive payments. Directly transfer funds for owner contributions, such as emergency maintenance repairs, renovations, or reserves, using eCheck or Debit Card options.


Access financial statements, monthly summaries, year-end tax statements, and essential documents instantly from any location with our robust mobile features, providing on-demand convenience.


Remain connected and well-informed through integrated messaging, notifications, and emailing features, all designed for seamless collaboration and fully accessible via mobile devices.

Owner Testimonials

Steve Young, Yakima

"I've never had a more satisfying experience with a property management company, and I assure you, there's no exaggeration in this review. Monica seems to have her phone glued to her hip because she's consistently available and promptly responds to my emails. They consistently maintain our properties at market rent or higher and excel in communication. As an investor overseeing nearly 50 units, having Katie manage 25% of my portfolio has been exceptional. Trust me, you won't be disappointed if you choose this company!"

Sunny K., Selah

I'm delighted to have discovered this team, who are incredibly responsive and communicative. After disappointing experiences with several other property management companies, finding them has been a breath of fresh air.


Computer Tutorials


We swiftly market available properties online by publishing them on our website and distributing them across hundreds of other listing sites. Applicants have the convenience of applying directly from their smartphones. 

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Our efficient resident screening process integrates nationwide criminal background checks where legally permissible, credit assessments alongside previous rent payment records, income verification through bank account deposit analysis, and references from former landlords. This guarantees that we exclusively lease to the most qualified tenants, effectively minimizing instances of late rent payments and evictions in nearly every scenario.



Upon completion of the screening process, we secure a deposit to reserve the property. Subsequently, we proceed to review and finalize the lease agreement with the tenant, gather the security deposit and rental payments, ensure the utilities are appropriately established, and have the tenant endorse our property condition report accompanied by photographs, ensuring comprehensive documentation for any billable damages upon their move-out.

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Rent Collection

We welcome various payment methods, ensuring convenience for our tenants. Options include direct deposit, cash, check, credit card, or debit card. We diligently follow up to ensure timely payments from our tenants and offer assistance whenever needed.


Property Maintenance

We employ electronic work orders and communicate with vendors to promptly address any issues that arise. Upon your request, we can email you a copy of the work order along with relevant details, providing you with real-time updates as needed.

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Owner statements are securely uploaded to an online Owners Portal, promoting efficiency and reducing paper usage. These concise statements offer a brief overview of your property's details for the previous month. Additionally, upon request, we can include maintenance invoices and any additional reports you may require.


2630 Main St #104

Union Gap, WA. 98903

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